Nabana's banana an iconic landmark

Posted by Magda on Tue March 31, 2015 in Facilities.

Of iconic landmarks in Hazyview, the huge banana at Nabana Market Stall was the first to be identified.

The local newspaper, Hazyview Herald, recently identified the huge banana at Nabana Lodge Market Stall as an iconic landmark in Hazyview. The title is well earned as this landmark has been in place just over 20 years. According to Dina Hibbert, the Market Stall was started in the 1980’s by the then farmer, Willem Grobler, mainly to sell bananas from the farm. When he sold to Ted Toleman in the early 1990’s, Ted saw the potential of the Market Stall and rapidly expanded the stall to include curious, as well as a bakery.  “Boerebrood” and pies were a great hit and soon led to the development of a tea garden where these were served during the day. The banana farm being sold fundamentally changed the face of the market stall and though still selling fruit and local products it is not at the grand scale of the past. Perhaps resurrection is on the cards for the future.