Looking for a different dining experience – this is it!

Posted by Magda on Thu January 11, 2018 in Tourism.

Open air cooking, beer on ice, this is an authentic South African experience

Who would expect a great dining experience in a restaurant without electricity, without a state of the art kitchen and the loo a long drop with a wide opening as window from where to enjoy the view? Welcome to Potluck Boskombuis!

Situated on the Panorama Route, about 26km outside of Graskop you will find this quaint open-area restaurant where food is cooked on open fires and beers kept cold on ice. Boskombuis was a jealously guarded secret of the locals, but the experience was too good not to talk about. Now tourists from all over are flocking there to relax next to the Treur River and enjoy a hearty meal served on tin plates. It is a restaurant with no pretence other than the beauty of the area and the authenticity of the food served.


Brainchild of Daan de Klerk, Boskombuis was originally created for his friends to keep him company during the lonely fire season. It was meant to be small and personal but word quickly spread and without any advertising it soon became so popular that Daan’s daughter Mareli had to take over the management on a full time basis. Mareli is responsible for the delightful decor that is so in tune with the atmosphere and environment. And where any other restaurant locks its doors at the end of the day, she has to oversee moving all equipment to safe storage.


Potluck Boskombuis is open daily from 10h00 to 15h00 and lunch is served from 12h30. Remember, no electricity, so no credit card facilities. Take enough cash with you to participate in a wonderful traditional South African meal.

According to Daan, Boskombuis is the most spot –on image of South Africa. Do go... and experience it for yourself.